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This application is the result of a project we started for our own use. Since the launching of Google Maps(then as a beta version) we fell in love with it and always used it to find our way around the city and to get driving directions. However, we had to find first the address of the place we were visiting and then look it up in Google Maps, that is when we knew the name of the place. Other times, we were looking for a kind of place (i.e. Registries, Hotels) and could not easily find their geographical distribution throughout the city, let alone driving directions. There are some websites to find places by categories, but they do not have the "goodies" of Google Maps.

This web site is an attempt to bring all those things together (for the City of Calgary) and we have decided to make it available for the public with the hope that you will find it useful. We are continuously adding new Places and Categories and depending on feedback we will add new options to the application. Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome; you can email us at

Have a good ride!!!

The Calgary Mapped Team

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