Calgary Mapped

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 Calgary Golf Courses [NW]

Bearspaw Golf & Country Club 
 61 Hamilton Dr (Bearspaw)
 T3R 1A2. Calgary, AB.
Confederation Park Golf Course 
 3204 Collingwood Dr NW
 Calgary, AB.
Country Club of the Hamptons 
 69 Hamptons Dr NW
 T3A 5H7. Calgary, AB.
Country Hills Golf Club 
 1334 Country Hills Bv NW
 T3K 5A9. Calgary, AB.
Lynx Ridge Golf Club 
 8 Lynx Ridge Bv NW (bearspaw)
 T3L 2M3. Calgary, AB.
Silver Springs Golf & Country Club 
 1600 Varsity Estates Dr NW
 Calgary, AB.
Springbank Links at Emerald Bay 
 125 Hackamore Trail
 T3Z 1C2. Calgary, AB.
Valley Ridge Golf Course 
 11618 Valley Ridge Pk NW
 Calgary, AB.

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